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Available on demand (SaaS), the Webtaxes platform frees corporations, groups and certified accountants from time-consuming tax determination and filing tasks.

For corporations

Hassle-free solution

Webtaxes saves corporations the hassle of having to install and upgrade tax software themselves, often in a hurry. The application is accessible 24/7 via a standard Web browser.

The Webtaxes platform incorporates all the latest changes in tax law. Updates are automatic and rolled out once for all users.

A secure one-stop shop for filing, e-filing and e-payment

Webtaxes generates paper/electronic tax returns and handles associated e-payments. It provides both standard paper tax forms and e-file-ready forms for transmission in EDI format. The corporate income tax and group consolidated income tax solutions generate files in EDI-TDFC format. The VAT solution also supports e-filing and e-payment.

Webtaxes guarantees the high level of security required for filing, e-filing and e-payment. User profiles and approval circuits defined by the corporation ensure that individual users only access authorized information and functions. Every step in the process—including receipts from the EDI server and tax authorities—is recorded.

As a certified EDI partner, Dièse Finance guarantees seamless capture and integration of data in Webtaxes through to e-filing of accounting and tax information to tax authorities.

For groups

A Web-based collaborative solution

Webtaxes is accessible to all authorized employees through a standard Web browser. Thanks to a single directory enabling tight control of authorizations, each user is integrated into the workflow where appropriate, in accordance with group validation and security processes.

A single database accessible in real time

Webtaxes lets groups set up a single, centralized database refreshed automatically with data from subsidiaries via a standard Web browser, thereby ensuring currency of information at all times, in real time.

Webtaxes dispenses with the complex and time-consuming process of reporting data from subsidiaries, wherever they are: all information is accessible in real time, just a click away.

Control of tax returns, traceability and security

Through close control of authorizations and its configurable data processing workflow, Webtaxes lets you define who does what - who enters data, who validates them, who files and e-files returns, and who pays - and leaves a clear audit trail.

WebTaxes also supports real-time control of subsidiaries’ tax determination and filing processes.

Webtaxes provides complete traceability of flows to allow groups to view the status of an operation and associated tasks at all times, thereby maintaining full Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance.

For tax professionals and certified accountants

A simple, easily accessible service for clients

With Webtaxes, certified accountants and tax professionals can offer their clients an easily accessible, easy-to-use tax filing platform.

Client data on tap

Web-based technologies enable certified accountants and tax professionals to access their clients’ tax returns anytime, anywhere.