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Make Tax Management Simple

Dièse Finance is dedicated to making enterprise corporate tax management more efficient.

Diese Finance provides web-based software solutions that handle tax management processes for corporations, groups, certified accountants and tax professionals.

These solutions help tax professionals prepare, approve and file all types of paper and paperless electronic tax returns, for corporate income tax, group consolidated income tax, value-added tax, local tax, property tax and motor vehicle tax, and handle associated e-payments.

Tax expertise serving our clients

With more than 15 years’ experience in tax management, Dièse Finance brings its 1,200 clients the benefit of its extensive expertise, supplying business-oriented software solutions to fit their exact tax needs.



Software-as-a-Service browser-based solutions (SaaS)

Dièse Finance’s Webtaxes browser-based tax management platform centralizes the tax filing process for enterprises, groups, certified accountants and tax professionals all in one place.

Webtaxes is available on demand (SaaS)-no need to buy, install, manage or upgrade hardware and software, so you do more with less. The SaaS model eliminates time-consuming maintenance and upgrading. Users can configure settings simply on their own, leaving IT departments free to focus on innovating.

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