Motor vehicle tax returns made simple

WebTVS is a web-based solution for automatic calculation and filing of corporate motor vehicle tax returns.

Available on line and accessible through a web browser, webTVS incorporates all the rules and rates imposed by tax law.

WebTVS lets you import and/or enter your company’s fleet of vehicles, generates the tax return, calculates the amount due and prints out the form.

WebTVS also stores an ID card of each vehicle, with registration and ownership details, thereby providing an accurate picture of your vehicle fleet in real time.

Key features

  • Secure access to tax platform
  • Vehicle fleet file importing
  • Vehicle ID cards (registration and ownership details, mileage, etc.)
  • Tax rates and CO2 emissions
  • Work-related mileage clocked by employees
  • Vehicle ownership management
  • Calculation and generation of motor vehicle tax returns
  • Approvals workflow
  • Record of motor vehicle tax returns