VAT determination made simple

WebTVA lets you enter, calculate, check and e-file VAT returns, and supports e-payments.

WebTVA requires no certificates.

WebTVA handles VAT returns, overpayment refund applications, pre-payments and corrective returns.

The WebTVA solution uses the Webtaxes workflow engine to handle and track each step in the corporate approvals process. Intuitive indicators tell you the status of your tax return - entered, approved, e-filed or paid - in real time. An alert manager automatically lets you know when payment due dates are approaching.

WebTVA provides a suite of indicators and analysis tools to help you prepare reports for reconciliation, balance sheets, audits and checks.

Key features

  • Secure access to tax returns platform
  • No certificates required
  • Generation, determination, filing and/or e-filing and e-payment
  • Approvals workflow
  • Authorizations management
  • Consistency checking
  • Real-time tracking of EDI e-filings
  • Indicators and reports
  • Record of VAT returns in a shared repository
  • EDI certified