Local tax returns made simple

With the webCET solution, calculating, generating, checking and filing local tax returns has never been easier.

WebCET automatically generates tax returns to meet filing dates. It lets you determine the amount of tax due and check tax statements produced by the tax authorities. WebCET thus ensures a clear audit trail for all elements used to generate your tax return.

WebCET significantly improves the productivity of a time-consuming process, reducing your tax risk and boosting tax efficiency.

Key features

  • Secure access to tax platform
  • Automatic importing of assets database
  • Assets managed according to type of ownership (purchased, rental, leased, etc.)
  • Management of scope of taxation, tax offices, municipalities and rates
  • Calculation of basis of assessment
  • Generation of local tax returns
  • Incorporation of applicable reductions
  • Automatic management of pre-payments, tax statements, capped and minimum payments
  • Record of local tax returns
  • Seamless integration with all business applications