Property tax made simple

WebTF is a tool for managing property tax and related taxes (on equipment, waste collection, etc.) that lets you enter (or import), check and record tax notices. It also allows you to track your property tax liability over time.

WebTF is a multi-corporation tool supporting analysis and tracking at the level you require, from premises, addresses and buildings up to programme, company and group level. Naturally, it also supports tracking by borough.

WebTF handles both historical and projected tax rates and rental values, thereby offering an extended budget simulation capability.

Key features

  • Management of borough and tax office database
  • Input and management of types of premises
  • Manual input/importing and management of addresses
  • Input and management of buildings
  • Input and management of programmes
  • Manual input/importing of property tax notices
  • Automatic calculation of exemptions
  • Automatic calculation of tax recoverable
  • Consistency checking
  • Management of tax rate database
  • Preparation of budgets