Group tax returns made simple

WebIF provides a collaborative workspace dedicated to group consolidated income tax, accessible through a web browser.

WebIF gives your company’s tax team a range of features for producing and e-filing consolidated income tax returns.

The WebIF solution interacts with all the other solutions on the Webtaxes platform. This means you don’t have to enter data twice, calculations are automatic, and multiple checks are performed for you. WebIF also provides an effective suite of reporting and tax audit tools.

As a result, your group tax consolidation process is controlled, fast and secure.

Key features

  • Secure access to tax platform
  • Real-time entry of subsidiary corporation tax returns
  • Entry of parent corporation tax returns
  • Data aggregation and additional data entry
  • Standard tax form printout
  • Generation and e-filing of EDI files
  • Settings shared with other Webtaxes solutions