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Make Tax Management Simple

Dièse Finance offers a wide range of solutions to help you manage your tax determination processes.

More than 1,200 corporations, groups, certified accountants and tax professionals rely on us to:

  • Automate production of tax returns
  • Control tax management processes
  • Ensure tax compliance
  • Reduce tax risks and costs
  • Save time

Simple, efficient tax management

Dièse Finance tax management solutions make preparing tax returns simpler, faster and more secure. They connect seamlessly with your business applications to automate the tax determination and returns process, so there’s no need for multiple updates of files and manual calculations and data entry.

Clear audit trail

Dièse Finance solutions provide visibility and traceability for your tax and finance teams. From manual preparation of returns to acknowledgement of receipt by the tax authorities, every step in the process can be traced and controlled in real time, thus maintaining full SOX compliance.

Maintaining compliance

As a certified EDI partner, Dièse Finance offers a range of e-file-ready solutions to make your tax returns process entirely paperless while ensuring full traceability for the tax authorities.

Full-web solution on demand

Our Webtaxes platform lets corporations, groups and certified accountants manage tax processes collaboratively across the enterprise in a secure online environment. Webtaxes is accessible through a standard Web browser and requires no dedicated software on client PCs. It automatically incorporates all the latest changes in tax law, generates electronic or paper tax forms and handles e-payments.