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Nouricia adopts Dièse Finance’s Webtaxes SaaS platform for its tax management


Dièse Finance, the premier provider of SaaS tax solutions, announced today that farming group nouricia is using its Webtaxes platform to manage corporate income tax reporting, VAT and motor vehicle tax returns.

An SaaS tax management platform to make life easier

The nouricia group manages all of its tax processes through a single platform. With Dièse Finance’s Webtaxes solution, nouricia generates and electronically files its VAT, motor vehicle tax and corporate income tax returns. nouricia was looking for a tax solution that could be rolled out across the group’s accounting services, without having to invest in and constantly update software on its PCs. Dièse Finance’s Webtaxes SaaS platform was the perfect fit.

"After using client/server tax software for many years, we were won over by Dièse Finance’s SaaS solution which has brought us much more flexibility, simplicity and efficiency throughout our two tax-reporting periods, while also remaining extremely reliable," says Sébastien Ciezki, chief financial officer at nouricia. "We no longer need to worry about updating software and all of our accounting personnel can access the application from their Web browser. Tasks are performed concurrently with a very useful validation tool. We are delighted to have opted for an on-demand, Web-based SaaS tax management solution."

"We are delighted that the nouricia group has renewed its faith in us in deploying Webtaxes," adds Benoît Gibert, Dièse Finance CEO. "The group’s accounting personnel were soon up to speed after a short on-site training session. Webtaxes’ ultra-intuitive look and feel makes it quick and easy to use."

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